Thursday, July 17, 2008


I think.. Lucky enough for me.. Everything went into its proper place.

When I graduated, I got into a project that wasn't so heavy. In fact, some of us would dubbed it as a vacation and in many ways it was. But come a few months, it was time to be a developer.

And on my birthday, I got my break. It really was something. All OT's was reasonable but as usual the clients and the managements techniques are still lacking.. Which made it something else. But looking back every minute spent was spent wisely. The thing was I just didn't want to get stuck there. The work was still great though the hours was not good. But the demand was there for me to move on.

It wasn't as I expected. I asked out coz I didn't want to get stuck but I got stuck somewhere else.

Sa sobrang sakal, I update something and passed that somewhere and in the process I come to realize career goals.

  • I wanna be a team leader and eventually a project manager.
In order to attain that, I should be somewhere with documents. Yes, programmers dread documentations but IT professional don't. I miss them. I want to be refreshed with using them.

As I use these management tools, I get to know more about them and how they fit to the management of skills, tasks and projects.

I just don't need to know technologies coz let's face it.. That is ever changing and learned easily, give the appropriate background.

Haay... Right now, I'm still stuck. Don't know if the next thing lined up for me is better...

Or If I am better elsewhere..

Or if my choices would take me..


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