Wednesday, April 09, 2008

So Kuya-like rant

I thought Thirdy was a unique name. It wasn't! I have a multiply friend that I added coz we have the same nickname. Cheers, thirdee.. ibang spelling lang.. I also have a friendster friend who added me coz we have the same name, Thirdy.. same spelling this time. Younger and in highschool..

Aahh highschool.. It was fun, crappy, hell, fun, crazy, stupid, all at the same time.. Cheers to my highschool friends... Hanna, Bianca.. siyempre special mention and the rest of the gang.. isama na rin yung gradeschool pals..

Anyway, friendster kapangalan was asking about profile generators. And me being helpful and sarcastic.. I told him to look for it in the web. "Go to google and .." search for the damn thing.

One of the many things I learned in college is that the internet holds a lot of information. Stupid ones, helpful ones, lies, and advices.. I love the internet! Still **ck up about the PLDT thing... I'm hoping the this weekend will be the weekend my line gets installed.

And then he goes do it for me, kuya..

Annoyed, I told him to do it himself. I have work and he's on vacation.

Then I go on and on about on college you teach yourself and nobody teaches you. I remember being so annoyed at my teacher coz he did teach us how to create 3 tier architechture using java, rmi and jsp. When the information is already in the net all I had to do was read it. Then I get it done. Thesis was all about understanding a certain field and learning to do tricks with google and accomplishing something with newly found code. I remember sharing javascript code I found on the net with a future collegue that checks whether the text entered is a email address.

Anyway, so kuya like...

I remember telling Bimboy, my brother, to get in an university with a scholarship coz papa and mama would have to pay his tuition and they don't earn a lot.

So old...

And The morning rush was playing hits from the early 2000's... This was the music I just deleted a few weeks ago coz sawa na ako dun...

Waaahhh.. Feeling old na talaga...

At least wearing my pambahay, I could still pretend..

Not be called a "mama"...

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