Friday, April 18, 2008

Atienza, Don't be a climate criminal

I scanned through the article.. Basically, Atienza isa saying one good thing but doing somethg bad...

Wake up, dude...

"Coal is the dirtiest, most carbon intensive of all fossil fuels. Emitting 29 percent more carbon per unit of energy than oil and 80 percent more than gas, it is one of the leading contributors to climate change. Although coal-fired power plants already account for 36% of the country’s carbon dioxide emissions from the energy sector, there are still at least eight coal-fired plants lined up for construction or expansion in the Philippines, including the 165 MW coal-fired power plant in Iloilo." ---From article

Don't put Ilo-ilo and the rest of the world in danger..

See this:

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Anonymous said...

government officials should wake up. they should be protecting the environment.

save the environment:

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