Monday, March 31, 2008

"Supernatural" Rant 2

Nag-iinarte na naman yung DVD player ko... I'm planning to buy a cheap one sa Quiapo.. I'll do a budget later.. Let's see if I could squeeze in that expense..

Kapag cheap, walang kaartehan...

Anyway, I'm watching "Supernatural" again...

I just finished season 1 kanina... Pero watching Episode 19 or 20.. parang may kulang..

Hindi ko pa pala napapanuod yung Episode 16.

Title: Shadow

Synopsis: Sam has a reunion with a girl he once met, Meg, but it turns out that she is using the brothers to lure their father John to his doom.

"Supernatural" Rant

I first came across the Tv show, Supernatrural when I purchased a DVD in Quiapo.

I finished the 1st season even before it aired on Studio 23.

SA unang dvd nabili ko.. Episode 15 Season 1 ay putol..

Climax pa lang naputol na yung episodes.

Episode Title: Benders

Synopsis: Dean searches for Sam when he is kidnapped by a backwoods family who likes to hunt humans and use their body parts as trophies.

I recently purchased a Season1 to 2 collection...

Anyone has a complete copy of the episode.

Once I get my DSL Connected, I'll look for it sa torrent..

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Support the Campaign for a Philippine Freedom to Access to Information Law!

Dear Friends and Fellow Filipinos,
Good day to you! :)
In light of the recent spate of scandals and allegations of corruption in our government, we at Team RP believe that the call for Truth and Accountability in our government should not stop in the investigations that are being conducted by our Senate, Ombudsman and our Judicial System but this should also be complemented with a push for a Philippine Access to Information Law that would help prevent future graft and corruption practices by many of our government officials from happening again. By enacting this law, ordinary Filipinos will now be able to access public documents which would narrate what kind of agreements our government enters into on behalf of the Filipino people and at the same time show us how our public funds are spent. This will increase transparency in our government and will further hold our government leaders and officials accountable for their actions.
In line with this, we are launching a Signature Campaign to help convince our lawmakers towards prioritizing the immediate passing and implementation of this law. Here is Team RP's petition on pushing for a Philippine Access to Information Law:
"Secrecy breeds irregularity, fraud and crime. It allows chicanery, graft and corruption… A democracy based on ignorance, on misinformation, on conjectures, on suspicion is doomed to fail. The more enlightened the people have, the more guarantee there is for their success in their collective enterprises, and in the fulfillment of their social aspirations and purposes."
From the de Venecia-Lozada expose, the Hello Garci scandal and the Spratlys mind-boggler to the North and South Rail questions, events of the recent past clearly highlight how very little we know about the workings of our government, how much difficulty is involved in getting truth to come out and how, albeit fundamental in any republican and democratic state that the government is accountable to the public, we Filipinos are in reality denied direct access to our government institutions and our public servants. As a country that prides itself with democracy, it strikes us with a disquieting reality that we Filipinos have no real access to information to empower us to properly and actively participate in governance.
We in TEAM RP believe that in order for there to be a responsible citizenry that can actively and meaningfully craft the future of the country, there is a need to give teeth to the policy of full public disclosure and the right of the people to be informed as contained in the fundamental law of the land. Moreover, we are aware that if people, especially those who have been bypassed by development, are unaware of laws and procedures for availing themselves of their entitlements or of mechanisms they can use to remedy their plight, then they will always remain poor.
Let us call on our lawmakers to make top priority the passage of a Philippine Access to Information Law which, subject to reasonable and clearly outlined conditions, ensures unfettered access of the people to information of public concern, including government transactions involving public interest.
We urge our lawmakers, let us not delay this any further.
If you support our petition and call for the passage of a Philippine Access to Information Law, you can join and help us in any of the following ways:
a.) Sign our petition online by emailing "I Support the Campaign for a Philippine Access to Information Law" together with your complete name and contact information to
b.) Forward this email to your friends and post this email in your website, blog, friendster, multiply or facebook account for all your friends to read.
c.) Volunteer for our campaign and help us get more Filipinos to sign our petition. If you want to volunteer and help, you can email Eli Convocar at or you can send her a text message at 0928-5045354. We will send you copies of our petition so you can also help gather signatures in your school, office or organization.
Thank you for your time in reading this email. We hope that you will consider joining Team RP's movement for Truth, Accountability and Reform in our country.
May you have a pleasant day ahead! :)
Harvey S. Keh
Team RP
Team RP is an organization of youth leaders and young professionals who working together for Truth, Accountability and Reform in our country. We are part of the Buong Bayan Isinisigaw Tama Na, Itama Na (BUSINA) Movement. We believe that complaining and lambasting our leaders is not enough but we should proactively work towards finding concrete ways to help solve our present problems. As such, Team RP believes that issues should always take precedence over personalities thus, our programs and activities are always geared towards helping build our democratic institutions and furthering the development of every Filipino. If you want to know more about Team RP or join Team RP, please email us at

Friday, March 14, 2008

Phone Update

Malas ako sa mga phone...

Kasi naman i end up only having me second choice or third choice basta hindi yun ang fristr choice ko...

Rant One: Telephone Provider

My first Choice was...

I had used globe for more than a year. At first as a postpaid subscriber and a few months as a bundled DSL/Phone line subsciber. The Globe experience was great. After passing my requirements, my phone lines was installed 3-5 days. They serve you Saturdays and Sundays. There are long lines when you pay but the reception was satisfactory.

Unfortunately for me, Globe is not available in my new apartment..

I then considered...

Pero nalaman ko na 10% lang ng customers niya ang satisfied.. Hanggang satisfied lang....
May lock-in period pa na 12 months... Good Luck sau! Hindi ako magpapaloko dito..

So wala na akong choice kundi..

Maganda naman to... Kaya lang madami problema lalo na sa customer service... Porket monopolized nila yung market kaya ayan andaming arte...

Problema ko pa din yung Conduit Wiring na yan...

Concusion: I have to suffer the PLDT pain.. for the next 12 months.. di pa nga naguumpisa ang 12 months na yan sakit na ng ulo...

Rant Two: Cellphone
I made a post dedicated to my piece of crap.. Nokia 5310...

Just recently put my sun sim in that phone.. Guess what? It works fine... Ilang araw na hindi naghahang...

I now have a theory on Nokia 5310.. It works fine as a music phone as long you don't use it for a lot of messaging.. Which defeats the purpose of having a cellphone... Hindi ka naman makareceive ng maraming messages...

Baka hindi ko muna ipapaayos...

Pero come Fexben period... I gonna buy me a Samsung! Live and Loud with my favorite genre embeded... Ako na bibili!

Friday, March 07, 2008

6 Sleep tips

Tips from yahoo

1. Magpa-araw sa umaga
Have breakfast under the sun o kahit ilaw lang basta ma-feel ng katawan na gising siya...

2. Exercise early in the evening
Work out 3 hours before sleeping.

3. Dim the lights at night
Brains are wired to respond to light so dim it! Have a candle light romantic

4. Cover the clock
Don't mind the time para di ka mapressure.. Sleep is relaxing not torture to wake up earlier

5. Perfume your pillow
Aromatheraphy. Lanvander and mer

6. Relax in the tub
Body tempearature comes down signaling the body to sleep

Sarap naman....

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Short on Cash... Pautang! (hehehe)

I don't have a lot of money left.

You see I had to pay for some stuff:
1. Phone sa bahay
2. Camera bill ko sa credit card ni Papa
3. Modem for my new phone (Sana makabit na bukas... PLDT call me like now...)
4. Electricity Share (di ko pa nga nababayaran...)

I had done the grocery with supplies to last me until March 15.. 14 nga daw sabi ni Sherwin (opismate)..

Nakalimutan ko pa magdala ng baon ko for lunch so bawas na naman sa pocket money ko until the weekend..

Sana makuha na ni Jessie yung prize niya para makapagdate naman kami sa weekend or whatever... Pero kapag hindi.. DVD na lang sa apartment.. Adik pa rin naman ako...

So.. I'm on a tight budget.. Wag lang kami mag-OOT.. Wala akong budget! Hindi rin ako sasama sa gimik kasi wala nga akong spare cash..

Di bale sa March 14 o 15... May pera na ako ule pero budget pa rin dapat kasi hindi pa ako nakakapagdeposit sa bank account ko..

Haayy.. buhay ng may sariling pera...

Enjoy naman.. buhay pa din naman ako..

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

New 7 World Wonders: Vote for Philippine wonders

Click Me Link

Vote for Mount Mayon, Chocolate Hills and Tubataha Reef..

Philippines own wonders should be known worldwide.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

So This is a what a weekend is...

Finally, after months of hard work.. demanding work..

May weekend na ako ule! Umaasa akong next week meron pa ding weekend..

Pag sinabing hapopy weekend, di na siya isang malaking joke kundi mabait pambati...


Woke up around 8-ish.. Breakfast... Pancakes! Palpak nga lang luto ko... Too much water... Pero kinain ko na lang din.. mahal yun eh... Kinuwento ko kay Jessie yung palpak ko na pancakes at siya nadaw magluluto next time... Kelangan ko pa ng training pag dating sa pancakes.. Until maging successful na ang luto ko...

Tinapos ko yung Knight Rider 2008 na galing sa shared folder ni Bimbo (opis mate)... Tapos, Nanuod ako ng 2 episodes ng Reaper (galing sa shared folder ng whoever sa office).. Tapos nanuod ng My Girl and I sa DVD.. Walang hiyang movie yan.. nakakaiyak na naman.. (Ang softie ko naman kasi pag dating sa mga touching scenes)... Tapos yung american pie:a naked mile... Baliw yung movie na yun napaka-racy (i treat ba naman ang babae as a sex object at ang lalaki bilang raging hormones na walang gusto kundi sex..) Tatawa na lang ako sa kalakohan..

Nakapaghugas na din ako ng pinggan.. Nalagay ko na yung pipino sa mata ko.. sarap....

Lumabas na ako ng bahay ng around 4pm to have lunch.. wahahahaha... The headed to my QC home kasi may gathering si Tita Mimi..

As usual kain, nuod ng Tv.. Kulitan....Naiwan ko yung camera ko.. May camera naman si yumi... kukunin ko na lang pag kapost ni yumi....

Natulog ako sa kama ni Jam.. salamat at di na ako sa sandwich na bag... Ayaw ko talaga dun... Pero saan ko naman pupuplutin ang pera para dun...

Nagbudget pala ako... Hirap din yan sa may pera.. kelangan magbudget kasi wala ka nang hihingan...

Di pa ako nagbabayad ng rent at magpapakabit pa ako sa pldt kaya ayan! gastos gastos... Sana wala nang OT this week kasi mamatay na lang ako sa gutom..

Wala nang effect yung drama kong di na lkang ako kakain kasi sasagutin ako na mabuti yan para puyat ka... incert litanya aboput me going to have diabetes because of the diet I am force to take... Either that or don't eat.. wala naman ako choice noh... As if naman makakapagisip ako ng gutom...

HIndi productive ang gutom..

Ahhhh.. ako naman naglilitanya..


Mass and I promised Jessie a relaxing day... So Relax lang tayo today....

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