Saturday, February 09, 2008

Yawn... What I miss about college?

Nakatulgog ako sa taxi papuntang office...

Made me realize na mas gusto ko sana matulog na lang the whole day... I don't want to go to the office.. Too late I'm here... Back to work... Have to do what should be done by Monday..

Good LUCK, Thirdy!

While waiting for the application to deploy (compile then run), I surfed through multiply and came across Carl's (AVP 2007) multiply album.

Aww... I miss college... Well most of it anyway.

I miss my org... I may not have been blessed with the most dedicated people.. I usually get 2-3 people committed to the goal but don't have that much of time.. But I had my fun... I gained friends.. I miss Faye, Jaycee, Bianx, Nikki, Kendy, Mark, Gemmie, Aissa, Jahra, Pat, JM, Mango, Hanna, Abby, Carl, Em, Olok...

They gave me a lot of headaches but they given their part... I miss them.. Kelan kaya ang reunion.. Hahaha.. Matuloy sana next year...Kendy? Buzz Buzz...

I miss the tambayan sa dulo ng gokongwei... malapit sa taft gate.. Yeah gokongwei was being renovated last time I passed by.. Buhay pa kaya yung tamabayan..

I miss s19 and tambayan peeps... Musta na kaya sila? I last saw Ellen sa Soluziona GA.. Gino sa Trinoma... YM with Val and val and erik if I have the opportunity.. Binati naman ako ni Trick ng Happy new year.. Pero iba yung college...

I miss going to school ng umaga lang o hapon lang o gabi lang.. NO 8-12 hour work..
But I so don't miss having less than exact money..

Haaay.... YAWN.. I'm still sleepy

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