Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Pag-withdraw nang sweldo

January 15, sweldo...

Wala na akong pera to spend.. What left of last year's paycheck is alloted for savings so for the end of the day's expenses.. I relied on this payday's earnings..

After a long day's work, I wanted to buy a new pirated windows xp for my laptop at edsa central.. Pero I planned to get money from atms in sm megamall...

Nilagpasan namen yung equitable pci atm sa mega kasi i was doing all sorts of stupid stuff like bringing heavy books i didn't mean to read when i get home..

Tapos, pag pila ko sa bdo, transaction cannot be processed shit.. so I headed to ayala.. dun na lang ako bibili ng cd..

pumila sa bdo sa may supermarket.. same thing sa both machines..

then sa bdo sa may baba ng mrt same thing.. so I decided to head home... May mga nakapilang tao sa bdo sa ibaba ng mrt so pumila ako.. ayon nakapag-withdraw din sa wakas...

got my windows xp cd... had dinner..

went home.. reformatted my computer successfully (at last)

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