Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas Wishlist

So You were wondering... What to give me this Christmas...

This year, It is an easy answer to question..

I'm in the process of moving to another place at kelangan ko ng gamit.

Nakakalat pa yung mga gamit ko at hindi pa rin ako naglilinis duon...

Here are a few things I need pero hindi ko pa binibili as of now until I finished cleaning and arranging my room and have the money to buy these stuff...

1. Microwave Oven (Approximately P2,500 ++) - I want the one na may pindot pindot thingie kaysa sa ikot ikot.. Yes, I'm a busy bee and I sometimes need to just heat my food and eat it..

2. Towel rack - Not the one that needs drilling just the one that sticks.. Carries a lot of kilos.. I'll just be renting the place and I don't want to cause much damage to the room.. Edmark has a line of products for such.

3. Tooth Brush Holder - Pandalawa.. Some of you know why.. hehehehe... yung nakasabit pa din kasi maliit lang yung CR.. It would be messy if nakakalat lahat..
4. Soap and Shampoo Holder - Yung nakasabit pa din

5. Tissue Holder - Nakasabit pa rin at hindi drinidrill

6. Kettle - gusto ko yung tumutunog...

7. Pots - Stainless steel at transparent yung cover

8. Pans - Both stainless and non stick..
9. Floor Mat para pagpapasok at sa CR.. Color green or blue green... Pacute na design..
10. Mat - Para floor.. gusto ko yung green.. hehehehe.. Pwede parang alphabet map... Pacute..

11. Carpet- Mas maganda to kaysa sa mat.. Gusto ko light colored

12. Plastic Cabinets - Light Green or blue green... Malaki ah.. As in Cabinet talaga.. pero isang drawer lang..

13. Shoe rack - maliit lang... 4 lang sapatos ko!

Sa hindi household related items..

14. Original DVD ng Rodger's and Hammerstein's Cinderella.. Matagal ko nang hinahanap yan eh.. Kay Brandy version

15. Original DVD ng Fighting Temptations

Note: Applicable din to sa birthday ko...

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