Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Get Up and Leave!

I think I deserved a little freedom.

I thought I had it. I knew it would come to this. "Thirdy, this is not yours." Dati I had that barrier of not having a degree and stable income.. Pero what stopped me..

Practicality.. Mag-ipon ka muna.. Saka ka lumayas jan..

Pero kanina, the line had been crossed.

Hindi sau ang bahay.. Although di ko directly sinabi yun.. To a degree, don't I have a right?.. Umasa pa ako.. The answer is no, wala kang right.. Nakikitira ka lang...

Dati ko pa ito plan pero I fooled myself that I could go by a year.. No.. 4 years is enough. I am capable of running my own life.. Standing up using my own two feet. What's stopping me?

Tinulak niya na ako... Bastusan ba? Akala mo, hindi ko kaya? I can do anything...

I'm leaving...

Give me a month and I'm gone.. Gone as long as I can.. Don't expect anything from me. Galit pa ako ngayon so Christmas List for you.. Poisoned cake..

Goal for December.. Leave... Have a place I can call mine! MINE!

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