Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wise words from Kuya Kikoman

Di ko sinasadyang nabura yung text ni Kikoman..

Basta Eto sabi niya..

Minsan, we tend to think and live too much like an adult that we forget to be kids. We forget to have fun.

Kaya wag na mamoblema.. just enjoy the momment.. Like crazily and have fun in everything you do

Thursday, November 22, 2007


What Type of Movie Would Your Life Be?

Your life would be an Action Flick. You live for the adventure and run on adrenaline. You are fearless and aren't one to let anything stop you from what you need to do. You most definitely are a thrill seeker, which sometimes gets you into trouble. However, you always find a way out of whatever predicament you find yourself in.
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Gilmore Girls

Which Gilmore Girls Character Are You?

You are Sookie. You are bubbly, fun, and a little klutzy. You are devoted and passionate--sometimes to the point of obsession.
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Desperate Housewives

Which Desperate Housewives Character Are You?

You are Lynette. You are hard-working, responsible, and mature, but you are easily stressed-out and often feel trapped in your own life.
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Ninja Turtles

Which Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Character Are You?

You are part Leonardo. You are a natural leader with a strong sense of honor.
You are part Splinter. You are patient and wise.
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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Major: Perfect ba yun?

Which College Major Should You Be?

Your major should be Computer Science. You like nothing more than spending long nights with friends in the computer lab... which is a good thing since that's exactly how you'll spend the next couple years.
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Where to live?

What City Should You Live In?

You should live in Rome. You avoid conflict and take life a little slower than most. Rome's sun, culture, food, and siestas are a perfect match for your easy-going attitude.
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What Kind of Guy Will You Fall For?

You would fall part for the geek. If you're looking for love, consider spending a little more time studying up in the library. To you, there's nothing more attractive than intelligence, shyness, and kindness; your future love may have four eyes and zero social skills, but he'll make up for it in brains and heart.
You would fall part for the gentleman. Keep an eye out for your love at your next formal or field trip to the opera. Watch out for bad boys who walk on the inside of the curb and don't hold the door for you, and you'll end up with the guy who's suave, sophisticated, and classy through-and-through.
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Which Friends Character Are You?

You are part Monica. You have a go-all-out nature. Your friends better watch out, because you play to win. Also, when it comes to order and cleanliness, you're a bit obsessive compulsive. Your best trait, however, is your thoughtfulness. You go to great lengths to care for your friends.
You are part Ross. You're intelligent and adored by your parents. However, your lack of social skills causes you to talk too much and try too hard. While your friends pick on you for your nerdiness, they better watch our for your rage.
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Sesame Street?

Which Sesame Street Character Are You?

You are Count von Count. You are down-to-earth (mentally, not physically), mature, and precocious. You have many talents, and many friends that appreciate your quiet level-headedness.
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Monday, November 19, 2007

Don't wanna be in my 60's and asking my self what if's

Actually, I just posted a reply sa isang forum sa pex...

"Do what you want!

.... Do you want to be in your 60's and be asking yourself what if's. ..............."

Tapos, naispire ako na gawing status message yun...

"I don't wanna be in my 60's and asking myself what if's... I'm going to take the leap......"

Then it came to me...

This applies to me.. Namomoblema ako pero it comes down to this..

I'm doing what I want.. Eto choice ko ngayon...

Kakayanin.. Kahit mahirap at wala nang pera...

I'm taking the leap...

Bakit wala akong new pictures this week?

Bakit wala akong new pictures for last week?

Okay.. Things happened... Pero this time... di siya nakaka-picture worthy... Yung tipong wanna get up and leave...

I had funs nung weekend pero nahiya ata ako ilabas yung camera ko... Met new friends.. Yung mga ka-opis ni bianca.. Actually, one of them is Joy Ed whose now called JE. Batch President for my sophomore year.

Had our normal Sunday date.. Kahit may sore eyes pa siya... Alcohol at sunglasses na lang ang prevention... Sana hindi ako mahawa...

Pero parang enjoyed ourselves too much na hindi naisip ilabas yung camera ko..

So wala akong new pictures for last week..

Haay.. I miss the life I had one week ago... Yes... Everything's changed.. Time to grow up... Time to move on... Time to get out..

Naku... nastress na ako!

Buti na lang suportado pa din ako ni m&m... nakakalimutan ko na lang... napupuno na lang ng pag-asa...

Last na ata

yung mga downloaded from torrent..

kulang sa quiapo dvd..Season 2

eto din pala!

tapos ko na season 1 and 2...

season 3 na...

Eto pa!

Season 1.. from torrent

Also watching

di mapakali isang palabas lang pinapanuod...

Season 7.. thanks to torrent

Currently Watching

tagal ko na din di to ginagawa...

Hating Monday!

I hate mondays!

May hangover pa ako sa weekend... Bakasyon.. Late magigising o magigising ng maaga pero matutulog ule then gigising before maglunch.. Tapos, movie or gimik sa hapon until gabi.. Rest ng Sunday morning.. Tapos, date sa hapon until gabi until the next day...

Minsan puyat pa ako from Sunday...

Minsan nakakatamad lang talaga!

I hate mondays... Like now... I hate monday!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Get Up and Leave!

I think I deserved a little freedom.

I thought I had it. I knew it would come to this. "Thirdy, this is not yours." Dati I had that barrier of not having a degree and stable income.. Pero what stopped me..

Practicality.. Mag-ipon ka muna.. Saka ka lumayas jan..

Pero kanina, the line had been crossed.

Hindi sau ang bahay.. Although di ko directly sinabi yun.. To a degree, don't I have a right?.. Umasa pa ako.. The answer is no, wala kang right.. Nakikitira ka lang...

Dati ko pa ito plan pero I fooled myself that I could go by a year.. No.. 4 years is enough. I am capable of running my own life.. Standing up using my own two feet. What's stopping me?

Tinulak niya na ako... Bastusan ba? Akala mo, hindi ko kaya? I can do anything...

I'm leaving...

Give me a month and I'm gone.. Gone as long as I can.. Don't expect anything from me. Galit pa ako ngayon so Christmas List for you.. Poisoned cake..

Goal for December.. Leave... Have a place I can call mine! MINE!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


After kissing...

Jessie: "Anu yung matamis?"
Thirdy: "Hmm... Di kaya... Sweetness naten yun!"

Jessie and Thirdy... HAHAHAHA

Ang Corny naman..

Monday, November 05, 2007

Mawala ka nang pimple ka...

Sabi nga ni hanna, normal lang yan pimple sa mga nag-wowork kasi nakakaexperience tayo ng stress..

Pero anlakilaki ng nasa ilong ko.. simusumpa ko siya... Mamatay na kayo... Mawala na kayo sa mukha ko... Pimples!


Mawawala ka din tignan mo...

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