Saturday, October 13, 2007

BK Saturday Morning!

Okay.. Here I am in Burger King Glorietta..

Free Wi Fi dito and after a few weeks I finally got to use the internet outside the office. Also the first time since Doha that I get to use the Wi-Fi feature of my laptop..

Mejo sa office na lang ako nakakagamit kaya share ko lang.. kakaiba eh..

Also, I'm watching Marimar sa gitna ng glorietta.. Corny! Eh.. I haven't seen this soap since all the free time and free wi-fi internet in Spain..

Share ko lang..

Ate Chicken tenders, onion rings(sarap pala nun... akala ko kadiri yun kasi onions..) and float..

To end his random babbling.. I now name Burger King (BK) Glorietta.. my second favorite fastfood..

Second, KFC is still "our" favorite fastfood..

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