Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Note to self: Wag masyado maging mabait..

Not all people are good natured.

Don't trust easily.

Atsaka if may magpapakamatay at hindi ka makahanap ng reason para pigilan siya.. Wag na magpretend.. Hayaan mo na sila magpakamatay!


Don't be too easy to trust people!

A belief na mahirap gawin... Minsan, it's so easy to trust the wrong people...

Okay.. So apparently, I thought I found a cool new friend... Turned out... Siya pala yung mala-stalker na tao that's been bugging me dati pa... Crazy! Natakot na ako nung di ba naman ako tigilan kakatawag sa bahay... Pero wala.. tablado ka paring loser ka... Leave me alone...

Magpretend daw na ibang tao eh yung boses at accent e yung basurang siya pa din.. so buking ka na! at yung ginagamit mong fake profile ay burado na sa friendslist ko at sa list ni Jessie...

(Side note: So happy na nasasabi ko lahat kay Jessie... at naiintindihan niya ako..)

Nagulat din ako na klepto pala si friend b dahil niloko niya si friend a... tapos, sinisiraan pa niya si friend a.... haay...

Grabe.. hirap talaga magtrust sa mga tao...

Sa mga loser na tao, kung di kayo mabuhay ng maayos.. parehab na lang kayo o kaya... mamatay na lang kayo!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Bitter ka?

Okay.. in relation to my post in:

Nakakatawa lang na ang bitter niya.. hahaha... (si Ex)

Nagpost kasi siya sa isang bulletin sa friendster.. ang bitter ng sinasabi niya sa amen



ayun.. eto na naman ang ego ko.... wala lang... at least hindi naman ako wala wala lang.....

Masaya pa naman din eh...

ETO na to!

Eto ang feeling ng inspired

Honestly, I haven't been sleeping in the normal hours I used to sleep..

If this was a few months ago.. then bangag na ako..

Pero waking up na kaakap.. someone you love and loves you back..

Iba eh...

Basta masigla ang feeling ko kahit pagod pa!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Happy pa rin

I read from his phone: "Ayaw mu na ba saken?" from an unknown number.. I wanted an explanation pero ayaw ko sirain yung gabi.. figured he's just letting down another admirer.. C'mon we're cute and di yun maiiwasan...

3am.. Nagising ako... Aga ko kasi natulog eh... Natulog ba naman ako halos whole day ng Sunday so mejo weird..

"....Payag na akong maging tau" from the same unknown number... Mejo felt sad.. What if's di na ito yun... I'll survive.. alam ko yun pero sad kasi what about all the plans... I have a song pa naman for our future... Alam niyo na yun...

Generally, what if's na paano if hanggang 1 month lang to...

Akala ko pa naman.. This is the right one na...

We got up in around 4am.. You know.. (evil smiley here..)

He checked his messages.. Tinanong ko sino yan...

He explained... He met him even before he met me... They flirted.. Pero nawala na siya after nakilala niya ako...

Di niya tinago.. Inexplain niya...

I really saw na inexplain niya...

He told me..Wala lang yun...

it's the past... He turned down this guy sa harap ko...

"May bf na ako... Matagal na tayong di nagkikita.. Masaya na ako sa kanya..." - not the exact text...

He cried... comforted me kahit di ako nagwoworry... Mahirap iexplain..

I really felt that mahal na mahal niya ako..

Never had anything like that before.. It was usually denial, itago ba daw then away..

We talked..

He cleared things... Assured me..

"Bakit naman kita ipapakilala sa closest friends ko?" if not totoo na to?

All my woes and doubts went away...

There was no force to get to an understanding... Always be honest at walang iba...

So here's what compromise feels like... Here's what communication really is...

Never had anything like it...

I love you, honey!

Salamat sa pagdating sa buhay ko... Di na kita pakakawalan..

This is the happiest I've ever been..

I caught a glimpse of him talking to his ex-steady date... Quote: "Kaya siguro hindi nagwork yung sa mga past ko ay dahil I was meant to meet him..."

Teary eyed.. just thinking about it..

Clarify some things.... "Things happen for a reason..." That happened para malaman ko kung gaano niya talaga ako kamahal..


Of Narcisism, Of Over Confidence, Of Past

Everybody has a shadow.

A past.

Peter Pan lost his shadow once and he had Wendy sew it back.

Past makes us who we are now.

Think of it. If certain things didn't happen to you in the past, would you be the person you are now?

Okayarso things happened.. Once things happened again and again without me knowing anything about it until AJ told me everything... And it was past.

As a normal human being, I grieved..Done stupid things.. But learned...

Of Narcisism, I don't feel anything for them anymore.. Di naman talaga kami friends so no need to be friendly..

I would like to think that these people are still soo in love me... Okay Narcisistic talaga... Pero siyempre di yun yon...Pero wala naman na ako care...I don't care...

I believe that everything happens for a reason... And the reason is here..

So Past is past... I got over that shit and moved on... I am happy...

Monday, October 15, 2007

Panalo talaga si Kikoman!

Kikoman! Kaya mo yan... Akala mo ngayon di mo kaya pero kaya mo yan...

Panalo nga yung hirit mo na..

"BTW, I have STD...."

Saturday, October 13, 2007

BK Saturday Morning!

Okay.. Here I am in Burger King Glorietta..

Free Wi Fi dito and after a few weeks I finally got to use the internet outside the office. Also the first time since Doha that I get to use the Wi-Fi feature of my laptop..

Mejo sa office na lang ako nakakagamit kaya share ko lang.. kakaiba eh..

Also, I'm watching Marimar sa gitna ng glorietta.. Corny! Eh.. I haven't seen this soap since all the free time and free wi-fi internet in Spain..

Share ko lang..

Ate Chicken tenders, onion rings(sarap pala nun... akala ko kadiri yun kasi onions..) and float..

To end his random babbling.. I now name Burger King (BK) Glorietta.. my second favorite fastfood..

Second, KFC is still "our" favorite fastfood..

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Ako ay..

pabilog ng pabilog... gained a few kilos sa Spain at hindi ko mashedshed.. walang time... Lalo pa nadadagdagan kasi nakaupo ako whole day.. (:D)

tapos, too oily kasi mainit tapos, stressed kasi late na umuuwi.. dami dami kong pimples...



I love Music...

It put me into a certain mood. It is my mantra.

I love my Musician..

You gave me so much life. I have never felt this way until you found me.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What does your hand writing say about you?

Handwriting Analysis

What does your handwriting say about YOU?

You plan ahead, and are interested in beauty, design, outward appearance, and symmetry.
You are a person who thinks before acting, intelligent and thorough.
You are affectionate, passionate, expressive, and future-oriented.
You are a talkative person, maybe even a busybody!
You enjoy life in your own way and do not depend on the opinions of others.

Reaction: True but not all the time..

Thirdy rowjielized

Galing talaga ng software ni rowjie..

Something I don't have..

Eto may ganito akong damit talaga..

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Como se llama?

taken from: http://www.bostonuk.com/name_meanings.php


You are idealistic and have a keen intellect and imagination. Philosophical with a gentle, romantic and giving nature your desire is to help others and benefit mankind. You attract many friends and are loved by all for your nurturing and understanding ways. Once a project has been started your determination and focus always ensures that it is completed. You exude peace and contentment and bring this into your environment and associations.


Gentle, affectionate and tolerant you are nonetheless determined and ambitious with the ability to lead. Sympathetic and understanding you are a humanitarian who wishes to improve the lives of others less fortunate. You have a keen intellect, strong intuition and creative ideas which are always put to practical purpose. You are loved by others for your inspiring optimism and for being a genuine friend.


God, my salvation "Hebrew"

Very much the individual you have enormous energy and vision and must find a suitable use for your talents. You have great potential for success in business if you can guard against indecision and worry. Your generous nature means that you are never short of friends and with cooperation your relationships can be very rewarding. Perseverance and firm decision making will ensure you achieve your objectives.

Lopez III

Charming, poised and sociable you need peace and harmony around you and always seek to create a happy environment. Perceptive and with strong intuition you are able to make sound judgements. You show great flexibility in attitude being open and responsive to the needs and opinions of others. This ability gives you potential for success in business dealing with the public. Your warm personality and caring ways ensure you are loved by family and friends.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Avenue Q will Repeat!


butio na lang di ako umiyak kasi mapapanuod ko na to!!!

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