Friday, September 14, 2007

Long Way back

Malayo na rin pala natakbo ko sa life road..

I graduated Grade School.

I graduated High School.

I got in sa De La Salle University.

I survived De La Salle and changed to become a student leader.

I became the president of Writers´ Guild. I survived and managed the organization for another year.

I played and did not enjoyed. I infatuated. I loved. Had my heart broken. Trusted in someone who betrayed me.

Rebounded. Again and again. Moved on. Had a stalker-like person.

Loved again. Had my heart broken again. Broke hearts.

Played. Got confused. Became a hermit.

Finished our thesis. Graduated College on time.

Hunted for a job.

Got a job.

Earned my first paycheck.

Played some more.

Passed the officership sa WG successfully.

Flirted. Broke hearts.

Went to Spain. Semi-Europe Trip.

Crushed on someone.

Then felt something special.

Discover new passions.


I love life...

Future has a lot more in line..

More to come...

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