Tuesday, August 28, 2007

¡Wash their mouths with soap!

I have no idea what is the need for too much profanity in exclaiming annoyance up to a degree of anger.

I´d get how people would curse and swear when we get shocked or angry but why do they say too much of it. A single word could reach the point of your expression.

Why do they have to be so harsh? I guess they just don´t care that much as we care... But it kinda is a little scary to be within the reachof such immaturity..

Minsan nga.. ayoko na lang gumalaw sa lugar ko.. I want to be friendly but they are just not approacheable.. They swear, they curse, the kid each other harshly and they throw toy playfully really hard.. It is scary..

Almost got hit by a ball yesterday and I was scared half of my wits.. I was shaking..

But asa teritorio ka nila.. Just adapt..

Anyway, I just don´t like them. They may be cool in their opinion but they´re not on my eyes..

Just let them be.. Dun sila masaya..

Sana naman lilipat na kami kung 9 na lang kaming natira dito..

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