Wednesday, August 08, 2007


I am still waiting for instructions on what to do with Vega..

I wanted to snooped on the Vega team´s files but there aren´t any! so net.. Maybe I can chance upon one..

But I found vega..

VEGA (Street Fighter dude)

He´s born Spanish (well.. well what do you know?) from Catalonia. His mother married for money (to secure their financial status). As he got older, he studied bullfighting (so will I once.. my stuffed toros grow angry.. hehehe.. kidding). Later, he went to Japan to study ninjutsu. Then, he became a cage circuit fighter where he became a champion. His stepfather killed his mother because he felt like he didn´t respect him. In return, Vega killed him.

Due to this accident, he developed a double life. A nobleman by day and a sadistic killer by night.

He wears an expresionless mask to keep his tru identity.


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