Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Losers.. Think Twice

Mas tame naman yan kaysa sa Losers, fuck off..

I don´t want to associate myself with losers... For number of reasons... Mahirap na maging masyadong mabait.. You won´t please everybody so better make sure that you don´t put yourself in situations na hindi ka na nag-eenjoy.

Reasons why you should not associate yourself with losers.
  1. You have nothing in common.. (Loser siya.. Di ka naman loser.. How could you possibly get him?)
  2. They´re clingy.. (Since pinansin mo sila.. patay ka na... Close-close na kayo.. Prepare to be bored..)
  3. Abuso (Akala nila magkalevel na kayo.... )
  4. Too much mag-isip (Things are just things.. akala nila it´s something else)
  5. Stalker-like behavior and possibility that a stalker lurks (Don´t want your life with this possiblity so get away as soon as you can..)
  6. Have to harsh (When it gets bad, you have to kill off your kind nature and tell the harsh reality..)
So losers, THINK TWICE..

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