Monday, August 06, 2007

Cheez Dog

Warning: This post is kinda cheesy. Don´t shot the writer/blogger with a machine gun or poke him with any deadly weapons.

Okay.. Here it goes...

We were resting from the long quest to find our team lead´s house when we saw this couple.. Aww.. not really weird since everywhere you look there are a couple of people being love-dovey.. People really don´t care whether they do it right there here.. I mean, geez, I saw a couple of used condoms in one of my jogging paths.. AS to what, I would conclude.. It could happen..

Anyways, babbling again..

With people in their ´club´ clothes passing by..

Aside from us, di na din makatayo nung time na yon.. They were the only people sitting down.. Maybe in one of those lovey dovey moments..

They kissed.. Okay, show...

Pero wala naiingit daw ako.. Maybe, I want to have this again.. Maybe, I wanna do that with cheez dog (codename yun).. Anyway, now that I told the story.. you can now shoot me..

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