Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Call for Independence/Rant for the inevitable

The original plan for the project was to stay here for 6 months.. Uuwi after 3 months.. Then, we´ll be given a lot of money for allowance.. hehehe..

Pero Things change so the lots and lots of money is divided by two and I have to deal with people..

Hmm.. It both pro and con.. PRO: Finally, get to date J..... CON: Some people are not gonna be happy that I´m considering the posibility of settling down with my pro..

I don´t want to break stuff pero I want to be happy so face the consequences..

I guess I just have to look forward to being with J.....

At least yun masaya...

Hmmm.. another note! I have money (period)

I wanna leave home and get my own place!

I enjoy being independent. and Taking care of myself.

Plus, I´m old enough..

And I don´t want any unwanted guidance. Call me selfish but I want my freedom..


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