Friday, August 31, 2007

Babble Rant

There are people who doesn´t want to take a risk. People, who despite wanting to live their lives differently, doesn´t want to change anything. They always doubt themselves and take the route already taken. However safe, that road is never yours. You travel in a sure pace but you don´t own that road.

I was one of them. Until I wanted it enough to actually do something about it.


It is in your hands.

Be your own MASTER!

People took care of you but you should be able to take care of yourself. They might have a great attachment to you but they have to face that in order to become what they want you to become. They should be a part of your actions. All they can do is support and TRUST you.

Be MAN enough to make decisions!

Be MAN enough to take risks!

Stop hiding from other people and accept your own FAULT, make your own LIFE!

Be MAN enough to accept who you are..

Make your life journey an ADVENTURE

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