Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I now know

Alam ko na what's wrong with me..


i am okay naman.. I would never be the kind that would attempt to kill himself...

It's just that I am sad.. I'm standing my ground.. Pero laging mag-isa lang ako..

I feel alone... Not entirely alone...

Pero parang ako na lang lagi... at wala na akong gana pagpilitin yung sarili ko sa mga kaibigan kong hindi naman ako pinapansin..

Baka din naman kasalanan ko..

Rest muna...

Ewan ko din gagawin...

Bahala na lang...

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thus, it continues

Song Seung-heo
* Autumn in my heart
>* He was so cool
- Happy Together
- Calla
- Law Firm
- Summer Scent
> Make it big
> Ice Rain

Kwon Sang-woo
- A Delicious Proposal
> Volcano High
- Dating Now
> Make it big
- Into the Sun
> My tutor friend
- Stairway to Heavaen
> Once Upon a Time in Highschool
- Sad Love Song
> Love so Divine
> almost Love
> Running Wild

Won Bin
* Autumn in my Heart
> Guns and Talks
> My Brother

Thanks to PizzaEatingPanda

I can see youtube videos of the following movies
  • Drugstore Girl
  • Too beautiful Lie
  • 100 days with mr. Arrogant
  • Waterboys
  • Twins Mission
  • Highway Star
  • Blue Sky
  • My Schoomate the Barbarian
  • My tutor friend
  • Like a virgin
  • How to keep my love
  • Guns and Talks
  • Monopoly
  • Spy Girl
  • Crazy in the City
  • Perfect Match
  • Mr. kim vs. Mr. kim vs. Mr. Kim
  • My Scary Girl
  • You shoot I shoot
  • Project Makeover
  • Someone special
  • Marrying the mafia
  • Shinsukki Blues
  • Now and Forever
  • Marrying the mafia 2
  • marrying the mafia 3
  • The Classic
  • My wife is a gangster 3
  • Lady Iron Chef
  • I'm a cyborg but that's okay
  • Ghost House
  • Perfect Couple
  • Madeleine
  • 200 pounds of beauty

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Music Video

Feeding thy addiction

Song Hye-Kyo

* Autumn in my heart
* Full House
- Hotelier
- All In
- Guardian Angel
> My Girl and I


* Full House
* Sang doo, let's go to school
- A Love to Kill
> I'm a cyborg, but that's okay

Kim Sung-soo

- My Beloved Sister

> Monopoly

- Lawyers

> Red Shoes

- Stained Glass

* Full House

- Say you love me

*The Sweet Sex and Love

Ryoo Si-won

* Wedding

Song Chang-ae

* Wedding

> My Girl and I

- 101st Proposal

Jang Nara

* Wedding

> Oh Happy Day

* My Love Pattzzi

- Successful Story of a Bright Girl

Kwon Min
> Oh Happy Day

> Before the Summer passes away

> My Boyfriend is type B

Kim Jae-won
- Great Expectations
- Wonderful Life
- Sweet 19
* My Love Pattzzi
- Romance
> My Love Ssagajy

Kim Rae-won
* My Live Patzzi
- Attic Cat
* My Little Bride
- Love Story in Harvard
- What is your star?

Han Chae-young
* Autumn in my heart
* Only You
- Sassy Girl, Chunyang
- Fireworks

Jae Hee
- Sassy Girl, Chunyang

Lee Dong-wook
- My Girl
> Hanoi Bride

Oh Ji-ho
- Second Proposal
- Super Rookie
- Fantastic Couple

Han Ji-hye
* Sweet 18
> my boyfriend is type b
- Summer scent

Lee Dong-geon
* Lovers in Paris
* sweet 18
- Stained Glass
- Sangdoo let's go to school
> my boyfriend is type b
* smile again

Park Shin-yang
* Lovers in Paris
> The uninvited
> hi, dharma

Kim Jeong-un
* Lovers in Paris
* Princess Lulu
> How to keep my love
> Marrying the mafia
> Close to you
- Lovers
> Mission Sex Control
> Spring Breeze

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I like Kiddie Shows

  • 101 Dalmatians
  • Scooby Doo
  • 6 teen
  • All Grown Up
  • Spider man
  • Xmen Evolution
  • Archie
  • As Told by Ginger
  • Rugrats
  • Baby Bob
  • looney Toons
  • Bananas in Pajamas
  • Beetlejuice
  • Captain Planet
  • Casper
  • Carebears
  • Chalkzone
  • chip n dale
  • Cow and Chicken
  • Courage
  • Clarissa Explains it all
  • Hercules
  • Ed, Edd n' Eddy
  • even Stevens
  • Flintstones
  • Garfield
  • Hey, Arnold!
  • Lizzie Mcguire
  • Lilo n Stitch
  • Mickey Mouse
  • Teenage mutant ninja turtles
  • Power Rangers
  • Saved by the Bell
  • Secret World of Alex Mack
  • Two of a kind
  • Wish bone

On Asian Series

Okay nakaka-adik manuod ng ganito eh.. Parang ayaw mo tigilan hanggang di nag-ending...

Nag-search ako sa internet ng mga ganito at i made a wish list..

Wala pang taiwanese at japanese series sa wish list ko korean pa lang eh.. ang haba-haba na ng listahan...

Iniisip ko nga na next shopping ko ng dvd (this week).. Puro asian series bibilhin ko... why not naman di ba...

next shopping ko naman... american series naman...

Pero di ko susundin wish list ko... Mafrustrate lang ako eh...


I actually preferred cutom development over product development but from what I understand from the Spanish documents I've been trying to understand..

I might be working on the latter... But it is okay because come to think of it the preference might be due to the consideration of the development itself. Cmon, if we are doing custom development will be minding the specific specifications of at least one customer while the other would require thinking about the specific specifications of more than one.. aka a lot of other people...

So to the challenge...

Monday, May 21, 2007

DVD Wish List (Korean Soaps)

Friday, May 18, 2007

Currently watching

Justin kinda annoys me...

Finished Once and Again

Natapos ko na yung Season one...

I must say..

It was artfully done..

Bring me to life

Where to go?

What to do next?

Where to start again?

Somewhere I lost the juice that gives me life...

Maybe I just want to find it again...

I don't want to be in a place where I just become too sad.. that the drive went away...

I just want to be happy...

Bring me to life..

Monday, May 14, 2007

On Yahoo! 's Guilty Pleasures

- I love Charmed... I wish i would be able to get that 8 disc pirated DVD9 set...
- That would make up 2-weeks of crazy watching 3 witches with the power to defeat evil..


- I haven't seen this show.. I saw a peek at it when Jovel was watching it sa RPN9.. I may like it...

Beverly hill 9021s0
- Cool... But the actors looked older that they should be...

Men in Trees
- Never heard...

Desperate Housewives
- LOVE it... I will watch it later again... Channel 23...

American Idol
- Like it but too much is too much..

So you think you can dance
- Ganda nito.. Too bad season 1 lang napanuod ko...

America's Next top model
- Haay.. wala na kasi sa 23 eh.. Loved season 2.. the best yun...

Saved by the bell
- I miss that show...

Dancing with the stars
- Heard about it..

Jerry Springer
- Next... I saw this and it was all ka-cheapan....

Once and again


I know.. It's a bit too dramatic but it's a harsh reality given hope...

Lily and Rick are both divorcees... Who meet each other and fall in love...

Haayy.. Love once... You will love again....

This show is a testament to that...


One day.. It will happen to me.. Again...


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