Monday, April 16, 2007

Ideal Relationship

I want an honest and open relationship. Honest is where we don't lie to each other, where we are unafraid of being judge because we know we'll love each other no matter what. Open is where we trust that special someone enough to tell him everything, withhold no information and compromise so that the other feels good about your relationship.

I ant someone to love and someone who will be with me forever. There should be love. May mga taong ganun ang nararamdaman pero kung di mo naman mahal.. Para ano pa ang pagsasama mo sa kanya.. I want someone who will take care of me.. Who will need only me.. If someone ask for onetime nothings.. ididimiss niya agad.. teeling that evil person na he has me at hindi niya na kailangan ng anu pa man... Someone who will be theirselves.. where we compliment each other's personality.. Basta what makes a happy and harmonious relationship..

I want someone who will make my life better and make me a better person. Someone who inspires me and I inspire back.. Someone who writes me letters, someone who believes in showing love in little things.. Someone who surprises me..

Someone who people can look up to and say "bagay kami".. Someone I can do my dreams with.. Someone to be my rock and someone who will be beside me in every step of my life..

Someone I will ask to marry me.. Someone who will be my family... Someone who will have maybe one kid to raise... Someone who will be with me.. Until I left this earth.. Someone to be buried beside to.. Someone who will cherish and celebrate our love forever...

Sana mangyari ang pangarap ko..

Maybe everything is supposed to be difficult pero sana it would all end up working out..

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