Tuesday, March 20, 2007

New beginning

Yehey! Complete na ang next line ng Writers' Guild EB!!

Ilagay ko ba dito? Hmm.. Wala naman bumabasa ng blog ko eh.. So why not?

Writers' Guild Executive Board
SY 2007-2008

President: Raymond Tolentino
Executive Vice-President: Patricia Cruz
VP - Finance: Corwin Uy
VP - Documentations: Olok Bueno
VP - Publicity: JM Titular
VP - Activities: Abi Azul
AVP - Publicity: Carlo Ibarra
AVP - Activities: Neil Rojas

Sana ganyan yung EB ko nung start of the year. Malas ata talaga ako sa staffing eh.. Imagine what could WG have done if ganyan ang EB mo.. Anyways, one thing I could be proud of that in one way or another I ignited their interest in WG and reinforced it again and again. I may not had created hall of famer activities but I partially inspired people who will. One achievement of my term as WG President.

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