Monday, July 03, 2006

On Artapre

My original idea was to take inter-active story telling for the free elective. However, that elective was for ST so I had to decide, what should I take? I didn't want another management subject, too straining. Not a language subject, my head would hurt from all the mumbojumbo.
I wanted a common schedule with my friends so I took Artapre. Joyce asked me to join her at the S19 slot at pumayag naman ako..
After enrollment, I ended up na mag-isa lang sa class.. Err.. Puro 104 kasama ko..Buti na lang nanduon din si Pam..

On art
I really love appreciating and putting that appreciation to the written word. However, this subject did not cover literature. Pero it still kept my interest over the other arts. Sana lang mas maraming pinoy artworks.

On Music
I learned to appreciate Mozart's music. I never really got it. Up to know, I still don't but there's something there that I understand. Someday, when I get the time I wanna get it..
Lucio San Pedro, I wish we paid more attention to it. Dinaanan lang namen yun..Sayang ang galing-galing pa naman niya..

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