Thursday, April 06, 2006


Rent is one of the longest-running shows in broadway. It tells of a story of 6 bohemians.. Blahblah.. struggling for their craft and battling AIDS..

See for complete details..

If anybody who knows me care to invite me to watch this show on Broadway, I'll be happy to accompany you! Just take care of my pamasahe and other things.. I'll be a good boy the whole trip..

On Rosario Dawson

Grabe ampayat na niya.. Kung makikita mo yung earlier movies na you would totally agree.. As compared to Josie and the Pussycats nga.. Makikita mo talaga yung kapayatan niya ngayon.. Anyway, she’s a great actress for the role Mimi.. Bagay talaga.. HAHAHA! May mga taong napapangitan sa kanya pero she’s OK naman e.. I’m actually blabbering.. Wala naman talaga akong gusting sabihin e..

On The Girl who played Joan

I tot she was part of the Broadway cast yun pala she’s a TV actress.. For me, hands down ako sa performance niya. I tot part talaga siya ng broadway cast.

On Taye Diggs

No comment! Parang epal lang siya dun e.. Nagfafade sa background..

On Broadway cast

Hands Down! Lalo na sa guy who played Mark.. No wonder you won Tony’s Hands Down! Mabababoy siguro talaga yung movie kapag pinasok mo sila Justin and Britney. Wise decision on Chris Columbus’ part when he realized that the original cast would be perfect for the RENT MOVIE roles..

On Angel and Benny

Perfect.. Simply perfect love.. Haay! I’ll cover you.. How cute! I cried at the part where a certain somebody died.. Napansin kaya ng katabi ko yun? Hehe..

On Joan and Maureen

Talk about opposites attract.. Panalo si Maureen sa protest niya.. One of the funniest things I’d ever seen

On Benny and Mimi

Boy meets Girl.. Girl seduces Boy.. Boy turns down girl.. Boy gets over former girlfriend who took her own life upon discovering she has HIV.. Boy finally leaves apartment.. Asks girl out.. They both discover they both have HIV.. They pledge to be with each other.. Girl gets with Benny after Boy discovers she didn’t quit taking drugs after All.. (And I tot Benny’s married..)… Boy leaves and returns.. Girl if found, dies and lives again.. Movie Ends..

On Mark

Panalo talaga!

I’m blaberring.. Just buy the DVD and see what it is all about…

“No day but Today!” – Rent


yumi said...

rent is love. :)

the songs are 100% LSS materials. more than 1 month na akong lss sa soundtrack, panalo.

"it's like i'm being tied to the hood of a yellow rental truck, being packed in with fertilizer and fuel oil. pushed down the cliff by a suicidal mickey mouse.. i gotta find a waay, to jump over the moooon!!!"


Thirdy Lopez said...

May sountrack ka ng rent?

Waah.. San mo nabili?

yumi said...

ibburn kita ng copy. :) dinownload lang ng friend ko from the internet. hehehehe

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