Thursday, February 23, 2006

Mind Control

I heard a song by a rock band.. I have no idea what the song is or who was the rock band singing that song.. But it kept singing the line..


Maybe.. I gave up whatever for the whatever I wanted to have with you.. Only to be broken..
I dunno did it end.. was that the last time I'll ever here from you..

I keep the same message in my phone.. Kahit na pare-pareho pa yan..

Gud Nyt!.. :)

Sana naman magkwento ka...

Ewan ko.. Wala na ata.. O busy ka talaga masyado.. Bakit ka kaya busy.. Ni kwento di mo man mashare sa aken..

Simpleng gud nyt! tatlong gabi na.. yan pa din ang message...

Swak na swak na si Aaliyah...

"It's been so long and I'm lost with you. What am I gonna do, said I'd been needing you, wanting you.. Waiting and wondering if who's there with you.. Is it my heart's demise?.. Coz I wanna cry sometimes.. I miss you"

Di muna ako magiintay..

Di muna ako tatanga..


Marami pa akong dapat gawin...

My Song: that pussycat dolls song about looking at my... while you playing with your... I keep doing my thing.. While your looking at my..

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