Saturday, November 26, 2005

tuning into an extrovert

On my first year, we took a personality test.. Just recently, Orient2 it was revealed to us. Blahh.. I got a really high introvert score.. Which I attest to.. Being active in school activities thought me a lot of things about my self..

However, by the end of the discussion, I was agreeable to my result.. Yes, I am an introvert and for a long time, I was doing those introvert stuff.. Like a little hamster scurrying around his cage.. Planning my life, reflecting, meditating..

With some new things.. I don't know what they are.. I started being insecure of my being.. Parang may kulang sa aken.. Parang may dapat akong gawin.. Di ganun exactly parang lang..


Sa isang requirement sa genpsych, my result was.. I am an extrovert, average.. Ha? Panu nangyari yun.. Kaasar pa kasi parang di ako.. makagalaw ng walang influence ng ibang tao.. In a way ayoko nun.. pero ok na rin kasi eto na ako, eh!

My growing.. complicated personality..

PS: Ayoko magpost para di mapababa si Harry Potter and friends.. hehehehe

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