Thursday, November 03, 2005

Trapped.. unavoidable

Here's that title again..

There's so much that I want to know, so much I want to feel, so much I want to experience,

so many things that I want to be.. How can I achieve them when I can only do this much?

And am so afraid of losing the opportunity but I cannot take it.. just take it.. at times, I can't handle it..

But I really really want it.. Yet I cannot have it..

I don't want to be just one thing... I want to have a well-rounded life.. But I have to veer toward one part of my life.. I forget to notice the other..

What if it leaves me? What if the opportunity can't wait for me anymore...? What if it never returns?

But what choice do I have but stay and let them leave? I'm trapped and I can't avoid it..

1 comment:

Mile. said...

easy easy lang. umaaraw umuulan. may mga bagay na sadyang hindi natin malalaman o hindi pa oras malaman :)

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