Tuesday, October 18, 2005

On a natural high

I'm on a natural high.

Its thrilling to face the odds and conquer them.. I had felt for the past few days that I had failed myself. I thought I will be creating improvements and here, I was doomed with problems, problems that I as an IT student should know better..

Despite my insecurity, I continued on.. wishing of my goal's accomplishment..

Today, right after a test, which I think I will pass.. Writers' Guild had our accreditation presentation.. Meeting at 11:20 (ang tagal ni Jej)... We went to look for Kendy and upon finding him, Me, Bianx, Jej and Kendy rehearsed one last time.. As timed, we used up 17 minutes instead of twenty.. Of course, I had a lot of speech blurges, as usual.. But nonetheless, I think I was able to convey the message... After practice, Nervous but still having fun.. fooling around we waited outside the door of PUSO, the venue for accreditation... Until Gold asked us to set up... After the new accred presentation was opened.. We started... I had lots of blurges during the beginning but I still continued on... I then turn it over to Bianx who oriented the audience of out organization's existence.. Then back to me where I presented most of the organization's strategies using the accreditation model.. Had lots of blurges, as usual. I also skipped a few slides as I started to worry if the last slides won't be presented... Within the last few minutes, Jej started with his piece.. followed by Kendy's.. Then the Q&A came.. I really don't remember the questions but I remembered having all of them answered.. I forgot a thing or two but my co-officers reminded me as I was speaking.. Kendy and Jej also got the opportunity to input while I was on my "ha? I forgot" state..

Ending, Kuya Dek said that we have OK activities and for the next accred, we should present documented evaluations, the turnout of the succession program and the other things..

Waahhh... As we left the John Hall Building.. I realize... We will not fail! We had improved.. We are a learning organization and we will not ne the 32nd org out of 33 orgs anymore...

Its a natural high to realize that my goal of improving the organization has been fulfilled. Now, its time for the other ones...

I am happy...

and hungry... I will eat now...


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Thirdy Lopez said...

Nakaka-asar si anonymous..

Pakialam ko ba sa mga sinabi mo...

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