Thursday, September 01, 2005

Is tiring or what?

I pretty spent the day meeting my executive board.. Here's our group poem..

By: EB of Writers’ Guild

Love-eternal is ..
What makes one happy
Beneath the consciousness of
A person’s past
Lies the fervor
Of my life
Forever standing on
A floating pedestal
Across the unknown world
So what makes me!

Critique us? Hehehe

Adik na adik na talaga ako sa pinoy big brother.. suntukin niyo na ako..


yumi said...

edit ko lang ng konti. hehe

Love: eternal
is what makes one happy
beneath the consciousness
of a person’s past.
It lies the fervor
of my life
forever standing on
a floating pedestal
across the unknown world.

So what makes me!

hehe, nakulangan ako sa poem. pwede niyo pang habaan kasi do ko gets yung last line. :) maganda yng choice of words pero you can work around it to complete the picture of your central theme. inayos ko yung line cutting, kasi kelangan strong yung words sa dulo ng line para maging effective. :)

yun lang. :D

Thirdy Lopez said...

ramdom words lang naman.. sige ba.. i'll work on it..

Anonymous said...

Bwahaha!!! ADIK!!! *suntok*

sabi mo kasi suntukin ka e XD

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