Friday, September 23, 2005

Expert Procrastinator

Give it a few hours and its the third week of class..

I have not had anything done..

Its frustrating..

All the deadlines are fast approaching and still I had not finished the work I should had done.

Writers' Guild dates will be postponed.. I'm annoyed by the fact that it is not following its schedule..

I'm annoyed that I had not even finish the schedule..

Accred na kuya wala ka pa ring outreach...

I'm so scared... Ayaw kong pumalpak..

I hate the ** wala pa ring nagsasabi na magiging part ng team ko..

Sabog na sabog ang CSO.. I realized that it may not be suitable for thesis yet I still want to solve its information problems...

I get tired from not doing anything..


Kaya nga "I am an important person.. People need me to be serious"...

CENTRO! Serious na dapat!


whirlwind_angel said...

haaay.. pressure pressure pressure.. smile na lang tayo kahit pagod.. para cute pa din.. :)

si mr. rowie madula prof namin sa filipi3. astig... parang sabog ung rotten poem ko sa class.. ang ginaw lang talaga non... hehehehe :)

Thirdy Lopez said...

Hindi yon sabog!

Rotten poem nga, eh!

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