Thursday, September 08, 2005

Another Quiz

You scored as Dirty, Black, Free. Your face is Dirty, face stained from tears. You are free. You aren't afraid. You can cry and scream and yell. People care - People worry. You are free. Lucky. Free. You don't care what people think and you aren't afraid to do what you like if it makes you feel good.

Dirty, Black, Free




Cold as Steel




In Control.




What does your soul say about your eyes?
created with

Rupert Giles

63% amorality, 36% passion, 81% spirituality, 63% selflessness

Utterly calm and resolute in the face of danger, utterly
devoted to his loved ones and comrades in arms, and utterly willing to
do what is necessary to ensure that good overcomes evil. Giles knows the
score, he knows that sometimes virtue relies on good men getting a little
messy, and he's willing to take that on himself, largely so that others
don't have to. You might share some of that. You most closely resemble
one of the most popular heroes in the Buffy universe.

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