Thursday, June 23, 2005

Last Day

Today was supposedly the last day of recruitment..

Thursday, 7:30 am

Texted Jen, Ja, Rom, Yanna and Jeck: “Last day na today!... Pay up..”

After which I studied that friggin’ RELSTRI subject.

Thursday, 9:10 am

Went to CSO and got the WG kit from Germaine. Went down to SJ walk while studying the few pages left in my RELSTRI notes that I haven’t read yet.

Left the kit to the WG bulletin board and texted JEJ to meet yanna while walking to my class..

Thursday, 10 am

Finally, after his long talk on how to answer examinations and a story on some screwy topic that I really didn’t listen to.. The test began.. Answer it right away. Very bad on the objective party but ok in the essay part… I hated the objectives part am I supposed to care about the name of these people, I just care at their compositions?

Thursday, 11:05 am

Waited for Jeck sa third bench sa sj walk from Miguel.. Pagdating niya wala pa siyang barya since siya yung 1st customer ko at hindi nagkita si Jej at Yanna.. Buti na lang kaharap lang naming yung z2..

Nagtext si Iya sa aken tapos, nagbayad na rin siya…

Thursday, 12:00 am

Antagal ko ring nagantay kay Jeck tapos niya si Iya.. Then pumunta kay Ate Rida para magpareserve ng room..

Thursday, 12:10 am

Papauwi na.. Dumaan sa s19 tambayan.. wala naman duon sina umuwi na lang ako..

Thusday, 2:30 pm

Walang pambayad si Mark, Erik, Rika and Val..Err..

Tapos, meet with Yanna (finally) then

Meeting with Sir Torralba

Thursday, 4:20 pm

Meet with Rom to get payment..

Meet with Mark to audit..

Removed all posters I put this week.

Arranged all the things in the cabinet

Thursday, 5:30 pm

Left for home.. finally!!!

BTW, Its not yet over..

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