Friday, April 15, 2005

This is a shining moment!

Day started at 4:50 AM. Stood up and did morning rituals. I tried to sleep again but consistenta talaga yung weird sleeping pattern eh.
Nag-i net muna ako. Tapos, nanuod ng Buffy, while eating hanggan 9am na.. I did DBAPDEV in between those times..

I left the house at 9-30 ish.. Arrived at 9-50is and went straight to work.. tinest ko yung program.. Dumating sila Val 10:20ish.. Trabaho until 12:00ish.. Lab shut down daw.. Ate at Kennys (mahal dun, promise).. Came back to Gox and went up after a few minutes..
Back to work again.. until sir oli arrived at 2:30ish.. Chineck niya yung project nina Emvin... Tapos, he was asking the others to have their projects checked kasi he'll be out at 4:00 PM exactly.. Nandun na si Sir Oli.. eh di na pressure ako... HAAAAA!!! Pero by 3:15 our project is partially working... so nagpacheck na kami.. Ayaw na gumana.. (Sabi ni Val, okay na daw eh) Ahhhh... Incomplete transaction eh di minus 20... plus minus 9 for other deductions.. final score:75.. What the ... Pasado... Pinakita pa ni sir yung final grade 2.5 (jackpot!) Eh di masaya... All the work given credit and dbapdev finally finished just the way we intend it to be..


We discussed some stuff within ourseleves and lef 4:40 ish.. Next stop: Accred

..Changed to business attire... Ang init nun ha?

I cant put my tie.. Ahhh forgot how to wear.. Jahra's friend helped me out with this..
at least she tried to.. in their own terms magulong ayos yun.. waited a few minutes.. grabe kinabahan ako ng last minute.. gutom siguro...

Tapos nagstart na kami..Ako sa Mission Vision tapos si Jahra at Faye sa iba..

Afterwhich question and answer...First question, directed to Thirdy.. Paano ka napiling president.. Answer: appointed po..

Then more questions from mam kit and macy.... Weird answers from jahra...

Until the magic question was asked... What is your plans for the incoming year?

Eh di inopen ko yung presentation ko at explained as I practiced.. O di ba? Exeteam ata ako..I know how CSO works.. Handang-handa pa....I believed I made my point...

More questions.. Weird answers...

Thirdy, How would you compete with orgs like LitCircle, Malate... Answer: put the org out there..Tell the need for the org a group of people who has passion for writing.. that's what the org celebrates..

Mam Kit: What had you learned this year? 1. communication 2. relive the org history


Wasn't that a shining momment.. love this day well at least how it turned out...

CSO: prepare to see your influence ... WG 2005- 2006 will rock DLSU

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