Friday, March 25, 2005

Holy Friday

Honestly, I was looking forward to the Holy Week vacation to rest and finish, finalize my plans for the summer vacation..

Unfortunately, our syanad revisions deadline is on monday. Our RMI server and client is due on the same day. My Asmprog mini project2 is also needed on the same day. My last chance for passing network quizzes is on the tuesday but I have to study earlier coz I don't even know what are the topics we will have a quiz on..

With those things in consideration, I need to finish the publi, comelec docus and wg plans.. Maybe I can do this next week but sayang dala ko pa naman ngayon..

Nakaakirita pa kasi my groupmates they can't go online so hindi ko madiscuss yung gagawin so I'm stuck with assigning.. I'm not even the leader so annoying is this?

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