Saturday, March 19, 2005

Fresh from Lea night

At mid-day, I almost didn’t come to LEA because I have to dress up for it. I hated the only clean coat and I am in no mood to socialize. Plus, Jahra (outgoing president) left with nobody to go with.

I prepared late coz I was so sleepy so I took an hour of sleep and learned how to tie a tie, in the next 30 minutes, coz I forgot to have my father tie a knot to the tie and pondered on how I hate the coat that I have to wear when I was preparing. So there I was all cleaned out then found out that I forgot to shave so shave I did. Tried out the ugly coat which doesn’t match my shirt and pants.

I left with a taxi and arrived half an hour late. Waited for an hour doing nothing, I wasn’t really in the mood to socialize. So the program started. National Anthem first. A short prayer by Ther (Publications Team Head). A really short presentation about LEA. (How bitin was this!) A speech by Aizza. As always, Aizza did a serious one ending with something about an iceberg. Basta something about keeping the passion for service and excellence. Then something inspirational by Mam Kit spoken by Kuya Dek( It was a good speech. I just wish she really meant it). Something about a leader being an instrument of inspiration. Really inspiring. I just wished her office wasn’t in the picture so all student organizations will be happy and excellent.

Then bread was served. Finally food I was hungry.. Then a song by jigs carag of DLSU-pops

After that Simoun went up the stage to present the SSOt winners. I did not know any of the profs so I just watched em..

Then food came.. HMMMM... It was difficult to eat coz we only had a knife and a fork. The spoon was taken with the soup so.. Basta at least i am not hungry anymore..

Then Macy and Edz went up the stage and presented TOC-TOYM. Three of the finalists were from CCS. Don is one of the three and I know him personally. Hehe anyway. The winners were Gold, Jillian and Lyanne.

Tapos, HOW.. tagal nun... pero nominated pala ako sa best assistant team head.. akala ko di na.. Anyway nominated pala ako.. saya.. Si Leo man nanalo.. It an honor to be nominated and be a finalist. hahahahaha.. Nominatd din ang publications.. saya.. nanalo man ang soli.. nominated pa rin kami..

Then there was a presentation for the outgoing officers. sobrang touching siya. Haay.. Ahh outgoing assistant team head of publications na ako.. huhuhuhu... Pero sobrang saya naman ng experience.. kakaiba talaga...

Then a toast.. yuck di masarap yung red wine.. Pero yehey pa rin.. oh my.. i'm so honored...

Tapos oathtaking, I hate you Jahra (outgoing president) iniwan mo ako... Pero ok din yun speech inspiring...

Tapos tapos na... Pinauuwi na ako ni Mama so after the program I left na... Masaya naman... in the sense na kakaiba..

Iba talaga ang CSO experience.. I'm happy na itinutuloy ko pa ito...


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