Friday, February 04, 2005


I'm sick for the last week...

It started February 1, 2005.. I woke up crappy.. My body hurts everywhere and I seem to be shivering coz of the cold.. But I continued work.. I was really cold so I wore a jacket.. I arrived in time for DBAPDEV but I was feeling bad.. real bad. so I went home and rested the whole day..

Ahhh... Rest..

The next day, I woke up my normal time and I was better .. but not good.. So I went with my normal routine..

Thursday, I went to school still Ok. .. Went to DBAPDEv... Then went home to eat lunch then ran 3x from LS to CSO to Gox.. to EGI.. By network, I was feeling not good add that feeling to the feeling of a network lesson.. After that subject, I went back to CSO to post the List of qualified EB..Then slept at the office for 30 minutes.. Then went to GOx, skipped ASMPROG only to find out that the alleged graded recitatioin was cancelled after a day..I then went home and slept.. sick.. ate.. still sick and sleep sick..

Currently, I'm better but not Good!!

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