Friday, February 25, 2005


For the past 5 terms, hindi ko kailanmang naisip na mag-shift.

I love IT. I enjoy leading a group in a project. I like dreamweaver, jcreator ang notepad. I enjoy creating a database. I love models most especially ERD, UML, DFD. But I definetly hate programming. But love the IT aspect of computing and application development.

Pero recently lang, I just had the thought that maybe I would have been better off with my second choice, Comm Arts. During one of my summers, I studied speech. Up to know, I seek to learn speech.. Anu pa I crave for webdesign and desktop publishing through embarking on minor publications and my personal website na hanggang ngayon di pa nagagawa.

Ano kaya? IT o Comm Arts. Baka i-masters ko na lang..

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