Tuesday, February 22, 2005


It was nice to be invited to be one of the people who will let others know what you want to happen.

My former political party never asked me to helped them. I always had to go to them ask how can I help them. And without their reply, I supported them but that's the limitation of my help. I am an able individual and I am able to do everything from planning to post activity yet they don't utilize me. I once attended their general assembly. They were asking for help for the Santugon day. I gave out my contact details and yet they did not utilize me. On my second year in La Salle, I decided to became non partisan because the party I want to support doesn't need help from anybody but themselves. I believe in Proactive student empowerment but the people who should be doing this vision is just going about their stupid activities that has no real purpose. Anyway, "bottom line": I want what Santugon wants to achieve but if they themselves do not do anything to attain it. How am I suppose to believe that they really understand their vision.

In addition to that, I'd grown I want to something more than being a student. I want to be able to help push through with empowered citizens, Tapat's vision. In my stay with CSO, I was able to experience and realize the necessity of being more than a student and from there, I want action! There are lots of oppression in the university and I believe that Tapat leaders has and has grown into the people who will stop this oppression.

I am not promoting anything. I'm just expressing an opinion.


U said...

Rock on! You know what... You might want to be an active member of Tapat... Just inform me... We'll be more happy to see you there!

Thirdy Lopez said...

I will be Tapat next year..

Ngayun-ngayon ko lang, napansin yung tunay na vision eh..

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