Sunday, February 27, 2005

Kill Yahoo!!

I always write messages to my groups and my friends but do I really have to fill out that stupide verification code.

Ang 7/10 times I get it wrong. The code is not readable kasi..


Friday, February 25, 2005


For the past 5 terms, hindi ko kailanmang naisip na mag-shift.

I love IT. I enjoy leading a group in a project. I like dreamweaver, jcreator ang notepad. I enjoy creating a database. I love models most especially ERD, UML, DFD. But I definetly hate programming. But love the IT aspect of computing and application development.

Pero recently lang, I just had the thought that maybe I would have been better off with my second choice, Comm Arts. During one of my summers, I studied speech. Up to know, I seek to learn speech.. Anu pa I crave for webdesign and desktop publishing through embarking on minor publications and my personal website na hanggang ngayon di pa nagagawa.

Ano kaya? IT o Comm Arts. Baka i-masters ko na lang..

Walang pasok!

Salamat sa mga tao na nakipaglaban sa ating kalayaan laban sa dikdaduryang Marcos at walang pasok ngayon.

I do have respect to the cause that unified the country and made it exercise its love for nationalism

Pero I just have to be selfish, walang pasok. Pahinga at last..

Nakakainis lang kasi may deliverable sa SYANAD2 sa Monday so yun ang pagkakaabalahan ko ng panahon..

Sana natuloy na lang yung CSO outing para masaya..

Ayaw ko namang sumama sa Tapat Orientation kasi ang daming gagawin.. at natatakot ako sa mga games. Nakita ko yung mga pictures ng CB seminar at alam ko kung panu gumawa ng games sina Simoun (LOL)

Anyway, wish me luck for all my subjects..

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Mali na naman

Naasar ako kasi mali na naman ako.

Una, hindi namen narecognize na may 18 votes so mali yung announcement.

Ngayun, akala ko qualified si Abi yun pala late suya nagpass.

Nakakainis naman.

Palpak ba ako?

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

I hate oppression!

Why do we have to suffer for their petty excuses like inavailability of faculty?

Student Organizations are a big part of your college life and it is during LPEP that you initially decide which ones you want to venture into. How can the council of deans oppress us, the student leaders to invite the froshies to make their college life more meaningful?

College is not just about studying. It about grown, self-improvement and making yourself redy for the "real" world. Student Organization is an essential tools for that grown. Do you want to let froshies think that college is just studying your course? Cause if Student Orgs are not part of LPEP then most students may seem to find that college is the latter definition.

I hate oppression!!!!


It was nice to be invited to be one of the people who will let others know what you want to happen.

My former political party never asked me to helped them. I always had to go to them ask how can I help them. And without their reply, I supported them but that's the limitation of my help. I am an able individual and I am able to do everything from planning to post activity yet they don't utilize me. I once attended their general assembly. They were asking for help for the Santugon day. I gave out my contact details and yet they did not utilize me. On my second year in La Salle, I decided to became non partisan because the party I want to support doesn't need help from anybody but themselves. I believe in Proactive student empowerment but the people who should be doing this vision is just going about their stupid activities that has no real purpose. Anyway, "bottom line": I want what Santugon wants to achieve but if they themselves do not do anything to attain it. How am I suppose to believe that they really understand their vision.

In addition to that, I'd grown I want to something more than being a student. I want to be able to help push through with empowered citizens, Tapat's vision. In my stay with CSO, I was able to experience and realize the necessity of being more than a student and from there, I want action! There are lots of oppression in the university and I believe that Tapat leaders has and has grown into the people who will stop this oppression.

I am not promoting anything. I'm just expressing an opinion.

Friday, February 04, 2005


I'm sick for the last week...

It started February 1, 2005.. I woke up crappy.. My body hurts everywhere and I seem to be shivering coz of the cold.. But I continued work.. I was really cold so I wore a jacket.. I arrived in time for DBAPDEV but I was feeling bad.. real bad. so I went home and rested the whole day..

Ahhh... Rest..

The next day, I woke up my normal time and I was better .. but not good.. So I went with my normal routine..

Thursday, I went to school still Ok. .. Went to DBAPDEv... Then went home to eat lunch then ran 3x from LS to CSO to Gox.. to EGI.. By network, I was feeling not good add that feeling to the feeling of a network lesson.. After that subject, I went back to CSO to post the List of qualified EB..Then slept at the office for 30 minutes.. Then went to GOx, skipped ASMPROG only to find out that the alleged graded recitatioin was cancelled after a day..I then went home and slept.. sick.. ate.. still sick and sleep sick..

Currently, I'm better but not Good!!

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