Friday, January 28, 2005

Are you still my friends?

We used to spend 24/7 together. We did everything together. You were always there. I never failed to be there for you.

When we graduated, I knew our time with each other would be limited but I knew we'll never lose touch with each other. I may cut communication with most of our classmates but never with each other.

I was wrong...

I spend my last day of pre-college time with you but after that. I became busy. You became busy and finding the time was not easy as it were then. During my sem break, its your midterms and when its time for their break, it my finals/midterms. I tried keeping intouch with them through texting but they never text back. Even if load comes to as cheap as P25, they never reply. I tried e-mailing them, but they check their mail once a month. I tried calling their phone but most of the time, they're out or busy.

I really feel that we're growing apart and I can't do anything about it. Are you still my friends? I tried to be with contact with you. I tried to be your friend but why can't you return the favor?

Time na ba to invest in new people?

Tunay na inspirational

I watched Maalaala mo kaya last night and I found the story really inspirational.

Tungkol siya sa isang taong pinanganak na may skin disease making him look like a tsokoy.
In his childhood, he was kept out of sight of his family's fellow villagers. Nuong lumabas siya, pinandirihan siya at tinukso ng mga ito. Kinahiya rin siya ng mga kapatid at ama niya. Pero pinagmalaki at inalagaan siya ng nanay niya.. **awww**..

But his family needed to go to Manila since ayaw ng family na isama siya, iniwan na lang siya dun. He braved to go to Grade one at 27 and on his first year highschool, may nakipagphonepal na girl sa kanya. She saw through his ugliness and saw the beauty within **Aww na naman **..and they ended up married in a few months.. After a few years, may lima na silang anak.

Yung panganak niya kinahiya siya kaya he would rather hide for his son. His wife cheated on him and left him but he forgave them and continued to love his children.

Truly Inspirational. biro mo. How good and strong his character is. His true beauty lies in his attitude and actions not on his ugly appearance.

Let him be our inspiration. Kung siya despite the difficulty of his life he chose to sacrifice for his loved ones and enjoy his life rather than be selfish and think about the things he don't have. Tayo pa kaya who have it easy and perfect in its own right.

My first entry

My First Entry
I was surfing through everyone's blog/online journal sites when I realize how much writing practice can be attained with spending a few minutes at blogging. So I went to and signed up for my first blogsite.
What is in store for a newbie blogger like me.. Only one way to find out..explore and experience.

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